These are examples of just some of the areas of financial planning that I have helped my clients with. There are many more. I am not a magician, nor a salesman, but always do my very best for my clients.

If you want to chat through your specific situation with me, please get in touch for an honest and straightforward conversation.

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  • Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning
  • Financial Planning for Families
  • Downsizing and Investing
Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be an exciting time for some, but also complex and stressful for others. I am told regularly that the ability to earn a wage provides significant reassurance to a person and their family. I do understand that making the decision to give up work can be most concerning for everyone.

There are huge opportunities to be taken advantage of, and unfortunately many errors to be made prior to deciding to retire. I have seen first-hand how these choices and decisions can make a real difference immediately, and for many years after. It is so important to take the time to understand your options and make an informed decision on your retirement plan.

Financial Planning for Families

I know myself that having a family can be wonderful and very fulfilling, but with it comes much responsibility.

I believe part of this responsibility means you must hold quality insurance cover, at the right level, to protect not only you, but those most dear to you. I have also been around long enough to know when providing insurance advice, that it needs to be appropriate, realistic and affordable. Sit down with me to ensure you and your loved ones can retain the family home if something unexpected and unwanted was to occur.

Recognise the importance of your superannuation now, and use it to protect your family and provide for your future. Chances are you will have your super account for many years, make sure you know it is right for you. Don’t leave it to your employer, a TV advert, or a chat at a barbecue.

Downsizing and Investing

I see many clients who are in the fortunate position to be holding a large sum of money. They may have downsized and sold the family home or received an inheritance or an insurance pay out. Whatever the situation, make sure you understand your options and use the money in a way that works for you.