About Gregg Watts

I created Gregg Watts Financial Planning out of necessity. To take back some control, and swim hard against the tide of where my industry is heading.

It took a while, but eventually it became apparent to me that I needed greater influence on how I could provide financial advice to my clients. For their sake and mine.

Meet with me

  • Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning
  • Financial Planning for Families
  • Downsizing and Investing

In my career I have worked within some of the largest banks and insurance companies in the world. I have also experienced working in small business, working at a boutique, award winning financial planning business, and within city accountants. I have worked with some excellent and very intelligent people.

Even with this diverse experience, I had become disillusioned with the industry. Too many people and organisations doing the wrong thing, and this seemingly maddening crusade to attach a label to each client and tell them they can have this prescribed service, at this price. You’ll be a ‘Gold’, he’ll be a ‘Platinum’, and this person only a ‘Silver’. Relentless marketing emails and newsletters being sent to clients that they don’t want, and automated messages wishing them a very genuine happy birthday.

Thankfully, many of my clients I have worked with seem to share my view, and have loyally supported me with my own business. Honesty, value, good advice and great personal service is my intended trademark.

I am of course far from perfect, a terrible cynic. But my endeavours are genuine and always well intentioned. If you want to be treated as a person, not be categorised as a particular colour of precious metal, and feel my philosophy might work for you, it will be great to talk.

Gregg Watts, Financial Planner